Thursday 19 April 2007

Dhokri / Dokhra / Dhokli

2 cups semolina
1 cup gram / chickpea flour
1 1/2 cups yogurt
1 3/4 cups warm water
2 tbspn oil
juice of 2 limes
3 cloves garlic; minced
2 inch ginger; grated
3 chillies; minced
Eno fruit salt 1 tspns per dhokra. Eno is composed of Sodium bicarbonat and citric acid aproximately 50% each
1/4 tspn tumeric powder
1/2 cup coriander leaves
salt to test
for vaghar
1-2 table spoon oil

2 tbspn sesame seeds
1 teaspn mustard seeds
4 curry leaves
3 - 4 green chillies cut into 2 piece lengthways.
2 tblspns chopped coriander
1 tblspn desicated coconut

1. In a big bowl, place the semolina, gram flour, garlic, ginger, chilli, tumeric and salt.
2. Add the yogurt, lime juice and warm water and mix well, leave for 1 hour
Add the oil and mix well. This should give you a fairly runny batter.
3. Take a 9 inch tin, grease and place in a steamer or a saucepan.
4. Take 1 cup of the mixture, add 1 tspn of Eno to it and mix well, pour into the greased tin. Steam for 12 minutes.
5. Repeat until all the batter is used up. (I made 4)
6. Cut the dokra into diamond shapes, and place into a large dish.
7. Temper with the sesame seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves and chillies.  Heat the oil, add all the seeds, curry leaves and chillies, let them cook until seeds are brown and pour over the dhokra.
8. Garnish with the coriander leaves and coconut.
9. Serve with a tomato or cocoonut/coriander chutney.


Richa said...

wow! mixing besan and sooji, excellent recipe! will try this soon. loved the pic of those 4 dhokri discs.

Sharmi said...

those looks so perfect. arranged like cakes!! want to make it right away. is it your chachi who make all this. pls let me know. if so she must be such an amazing cook!!

Saju said...

Hi Sharmi,
My Chachi is actually my mom, we called her chachi when we were little. Most of the recipes are hers, but some of them are made by me, like these dhokri for example.

Saju said...

let me know how they turn out! and thanks for your comment.

Sarah said...

I have been looking for a Dokhra recipe for such a long time..
Thank you so much for this recipe

Saju said...

Thanks for your comment Sarah. By the way I am addicted to your blog and read it everyday. It is so sad, the only thing that keeps be going is knowing that you survived to tell the tale.

TNL said...

Mast,Mast...ekdam mast!

aargee said...

I just came across your site and really loved all your recipies. yesterday I tried your dhokli recipe and it came out fabulous. My hubby loved it a lot. Thank you very keep posting such recipies..

Anonymous said...

Hi..just found your recipe for dhoklas. I have tried many recipies for the same and they have all been unmitigated disasters! Yours was a beaut! They came out so fluffy and delicious.Thanks a ton.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

I made some the other day but it was gooey on top what did i do wrong? do i need to cover while steaming?

Saju said...

yes you need to cover the steamer

Zee said...


I just came accross your blog and it looks great (i am very impressed!). I would love to try this Dhokra recipe (and there are many more recipe's i'm eyeing as well).

Could you tell me what is meant in step 7 (to "temper").

Thank you

p.s I'm a new bride looking for a good source of recipe's; thank you for sharing yours

Saju said...

Hi Zee,
Welcome to my blog. Temper means tadka or vaghar - spices are put in hot oil, so that they burst open and flavours are released, then pour the oil and spices onto the dhokli.
I hope that helps

Zee said...

Thank Saju,

This helps alot. I will post back and let you know how it went!!

Thanks again!!

Zee said...

Finally got around to making this, it turned out great!!! (especially for my first time making Dokhra).

Thank you Saju and Chachi

Avid Follower said...

Thank you so much for your site. I absolutely love it and have used a lot of your receipes and am continously passing your site to all my friends.
For the dhokri, what does it mean to "temper with sesame seeds, curry leaves, etc.".
Thanks again for this most awesome site.

Anonymous said...


I cannot fine Eno in the groceries, is there something else I can use instead of eno.


Saju said...

Eno is an antacid made up of Sodium Bicarbonate (46.4%), Citric Acid (43.6%) and Sodium Carbonate (10%) do sell it.

devashni said...

HI Saj so glad I came across your blog. I was craving dhokra and now you made me happy thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful recipes. Do you know how to make "dhokra nu saak"? If you do please can you share it with us. I will appreciate it.

Thank you once again

Saju said...

Hi Zainab,
is this what you mean by dhokra nu shaak

Anonymous said...

Hi Saju.
Thanks for linking this recipe. I am sure going to try this too.
The one I was asking for goes like this-
Cook chana flour i yoghurt and when it becomes thick put it on a greased tray. Cut it in samll pieces when cold. Then do a vaghar with tomatoes, garlic, mustard, salt, harder and put the pieces in. This was made in front of me many, many years ago so I might have missed out a step or two. Also I do not know of the measurements. Do you know of this receipe?
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Is there any substitution I could use instead of semolina since I have gluten intolerence,Love dokra

Saju said...

you can omit it and just use chickpea flour. The texture is slightly different, but still very good.

Anonymous said...

I tasted the best dhokra in Kenya, made by a good Ismaili friend. I am looking forward to trying your recipe.

Saju said...

Let me know how you got on

Anonymous said...

Does this recipe make a total of 4 dokhra? If so, I'll need to cut down on the ingredients to make one correct?

Anonymous said...

hi there I am trying this dhokra recipe , just done the mixing waiting for the mix to rest for an hour. I have never made dhokra in my life ..always wanted to , but this recipe somehow drew my attention,,so lets see how it turns out..will up date you.

Anonymous said...

hi there , I am trying this recipe for the first time. never made a dhokra before.mixture is resting for an hour ,will update you wz the outcome

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this recipe. tried it a couple weeks ago and it turned out delicious!!! kids and I both loved it.

Anonymous said...

Tried this dhokla recipe several times it turns out great.perfect recipe for guest coming at short notice

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